Q?  Did they disappear after move-in?


A.  Perhaps a new home-owners biggest worry is what happens after they move in. A builder who has made himself available to answer questions and respond to all reasonable warranty issues is an important indicator of a builder's long-term commitment to the quality of his homes and the ultimate satisfaction of their owners.


Q?  Do they have a good reputation? Have they won any awards or recognition’s?


A.  Word-of-mouth is most important when you are trying to establish the reputation of your builder. Make sure your builder provides you with a list of contact names and numbers from their client base. Contact at least two or three past clients for a reference.


Q?  Do they share your vision? Are they a team player?


A.  It is very important to explain in detail your concept and wish list to the builder. Make sure the builder and his team fully understand and have a clear grasp of your vision. Ask questions, and more importantly, make sure you get the answers you are seeking.


Q?  Are they committed to delivering what you want in a timely manner and within your desired budget? Do they have quality control?


A.  Make sure your custom builder can and will perform up to your expectations and live up to your standards without cutting corners or without compromising your expectations for a quality, finished product. If there is a compromise, it should be your choice.


Q?  Is my custom home builder financially responsible?


A.  Make sure your builder has strong financial resources and multiple lender references qualifying them to complete your home. Financial responsibility is an essential aspect in the success of your construction project. Check their references.


Q?  May we visit our new home site whenever we like?


A.  Being allowed the freedom to visit your home - under proper notification due to insurance and safety, lets the client feel like they are involved and part of the team. Being able to make custom changes throughout the building construction process is paramount and creates the flexibility of design, which is what building a custom home is all about.

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