Custom Homes

Providing an Unparalleled Custom Home Building Experience

For 40 years, Browdy & Browdy has consistently delivered the highest levels of integrity, commitment to quality and craftsmanship in pursuit of exceeding their client’s expectations. Evidence of these traits, are quickly visible in the homes that make up their portfolio and custom home gallery. It’s no wonder Browdy & Browdy & Browdy has been responsible for some of the finest homes in the North Florida area.

Browdy & Browdy partners with some of the most talented design professionals available to form a team to take you from concept to reality!

The relentless pursuit for perfection has not only led Browdy & Browdy to distinction, honors, awards and personal achievement, it has also consistently garnered the praise of their clients and multiple repeat clients. They fully understand that each client is unique, with distinctive tastes and priorities. Browdy & Browdy takes pride in being current and relevant in today’s ever changing environment. With energy efficiency, green building practices and sustainability in mind, Browdy & Browdy strives to help each client create a positive experience in the building process that reflects their personal tastes, character and personality.


Providing a Distinctive Custom Home Building Experience Like No Other

Browdy & Browdy is pleased to offer custom enhancements to your existing home. With a team of registered design professionals, they are able to evaluate the current condition of the structure as well as the interior finishes. The Browdy & Browdy team will make recommendations and suggestions to enhance the beauty and functionality of your existing home.

In addition to the space and aesthetic considerations, your dedicated team of professionals will evaluate the current building code requirements and offer suggestions and options to bring your home into compliance with the most current regulatory requirements.

Your home is a most important part of your life and your lifestyle. Therefore, as your needs change, it may be necessary to make certain accessibility accommodations to your home. The addition of accessibility enhancements such as special plumbing fixtures, grab bars and residential elevators can make your home comfortable for may years. Browdy & Browdy is skilled at making your home adaptable to accommodate those special needs today for tomorrow.

Perhaps no other construction procedure is as supervision-intensive as renovations. The trusted and courteous staff will accommodate your requirements during the construction phase and finish phase to minimize inconvenience to you and your family.

Modern Homes

Modern Home Design for Conscious Living

As North Florida’s only affiliate, Browdy & Browdy is proud to announce it’s affiliation with Nationally recognized architect & visionary, Phil Kean. Modern house architecture, featuring innovative and sustainable design. These designs offers clients a unique environment that represents conscious living in a modern world. “Why settle for an ordinary home when you can live in a Modern Home”.

Select from many stock plans and elevations or we can design a new home just for you. We are happy to arrange a visit to one of our completed homes.